Romania: Romanians vote in marriage definition referendum

SOT, voter (Romanian): «Good thoughts, about many children, about the family. A family starts with a husband and a wife, and everything else derives from that. It's not like they say, that if you adopt a child you can call it a family. That's a subdivision.» A referendum on changing the marriage definition from a union between spouses to a union between a man and a woman kicked off in Romania on... Еще Saturday, as the footage filmed in Bucharest shows. Prime Minister Viorica Dancila cast her ballot at one of the capital's polling stations, commenting the vote on whether to amend the current constitution as «an expression of democracy.» One of the voters said that he thought about «many children» while deciding adding that «the family starts with a husband and a wife». The other Romanian commented saying that the current referendum will «crystallise» the opinion of the society. The LGBT community has reportedly criticised the referendum as an elimination of any possibility for same sex marriages to be recognized in foreseeable future.

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