Romania: Protesters rally against new quarantine law in Bucharest

Dozens of people gathered to protest against a new quarantine and isolation law in Victory Square in Bucharest on Sunday. The law concerning the public health measures in the context of the coronavirus pandemic was passed the Senate on Thursday, July 16 after 10 days of parliament debates. Under this new law, quarantine and isolation of COVID-19 patients are reintroduced, which ends the two weeks long hiatus triggered by the ruling of the Constitutional Court, which decided that it is unconstitutional for such patients to be deprived of their freedom on the basis of a mere administrative decision. Protesters were seen chanting slogans and holding Romanian flags, and denouncing the piece of legislation as being unconstitutional. «We are the only country that has a pandemic law with provisions that go against the Constitution, reminding of the laws of Communism. It's inadmissible to be talking about sick persons, including of those suspected of having the illness,» said Pompiliu Diplan, the organiser of the protest.

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