Romania: Protesters condemn government’s approval of fiscal measures

Thousands of protesters rallied in Bucharest's Victory Square, Thursday, after the government approved plans to reform Romania's fiscal system. Protesters threw toilet paper on the ground outside the Cabinet Office shouting «We've brought you paper so you'd have it in jail» and carried effigies of Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea and Former Prime Minister Calin Popescu... Еще Tariceanu in prison uniforms. «There are several issues,» explained protester Oana Dobre. «Pay will not go up, it will go down for almost each employee in this country. The economy is becoming unpredictable, and this decree will bring it to absolute chaos.» According to the plans of the ruling coalition, social contributions that are currently paid directly by the employer will have to be covered by the employee, starting from January 1st next year which would reportedly result in a five percent to 25 percent reduction in salary.

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