Romania: Mourners mark 28 years since execution of Ceausescu

Dozens of mourners gathered at the grave of Romania's last communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena Ceausescu, in Bucharest, Monday, to commemorate the 28th anniversary of the politician's execution. Mourners listened to old Communist songs and speeches of the former leader on a USB player, and drank small cups of wine, as according to Romanian traditions. On 22 December 1989... Еще, Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu attempted to flee Bucharest via helicopter from the Central Committee building of the Communist Party, following a 24 hours siege which ended two and a half decades of Ceausescu’s rule. In power from 1965 to 1989, Ceausescu and his wife Elena were executed in the city of Targoviste on December 25, 1989, by firing squad. Eyewitnesses say that Ceausescu sang the Internationale seconds before he was killed.

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