Romania: Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, US kick off joint drills in Babadag Range

Three hundred troops from Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania and the United States conducted training exercises in the Babadag Range on Thursday. The exercises were part of the Exercise Platinum Eagle 18.1, which aims to reportedly increase cooperation between forces, maintain deployment capability and develop a favorable regional environment to multinational military cooperation. «The fact... Еще that we train with troops from partner countries, allied countries, with US and Bulgarian troops, as well as other partner countries such as Ukraine and Moldova proves that all soldiers, regardless of nationality, are united, and are true brothers in arms», 341st Battalion «White Sharks» Lieutenant Colonel Ciprian Balica. The participating troops demonstrated an assault sequence on a fortified defense perimeter. US and Moldovan troops shelled the position with mortars, while Romanian infantry launched a ground assault on the target.

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