Romania: Macron calls for 'more powerful' Europe against 'American unilateralism'

French President Emmanuel Macron stressed the necessity to build more powerful Europe to fight unilateral policy of the US, at a press conference in the Romanian city of Sibiu on Thursday. The press conference was held following the Informal Summit of Heads of State or Government of the European Union. «We need more powerful and sovereign Europe but also more efficient and democratic against the... Еще American unilateralism on a lot of topics and against the multilateralism crisis that we live in but also against the rise of China in many fields. We need Europe that protects and holds our future,» said Macron. «We should build a coalition of progress in Europe that allows us to advance in front of the coalition of destruction and disintegration,» added the French president. The summit focused on future challenges and priorities for the EU, with some attention reportedly given to the Brexit process and discussions about European unity. The meeting took place two weeks before the 2019 European parliamentary elections.

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