Romania: Hundreds take to streets to denounce judicial overhaul

Several hundred people rallied on Victory Square, in front of the Cabinet Office in Bucharest, Sunday, to demonstrate against the proposed changes to the judicial system, arguing that the change would slow efforts to eradicate corruption in the country. Two people were reportedly detained after they attempted to break a police cordon. The protesters demanded that the government steps down and... Еще called for an early election, all the while chanting «PSD [the Social Democratic Party], the red plague» and «The Constitutional Court is PSD's lackey.» The planned overhaul of the judiciary, put forward by the country's Justice Minister Tudorel Toader, suggested that the Judicial Inspection of the Superior Magistrates' Council (CSM), the institution that has the exclusive right to investigate prosecutors and judges, would pass under the direct control of the justice secretary, who is politically appointed. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and a number of magistrates and opposition politicians have denounced the proposal. Similar protests were held throughout Romania earlier on Sunday.

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