Romania: Hundreds of COVID sceptics protest quarantine bill in Bucharest

Hundreds of demonstrators sceptical of coronavirus restrictions descended on Bucharest's Victory Square on Sunday, protesting a government bill that would require individuals infected with COVID-19 to remain quarantined. The country's constitutional court had previously deemed former quarantine measures a violation of individual liberties on June 26, causing thousands of possibly infected people to be released from strict confinement. In response, the parliament began preparing a new piece of legislation that would again introduce restrictions. The protesters, from Orthodox monks to followers of the country's 'New Right' movement, demanded an end to the «medical dictatorship» currently in place, warning that the government's actions will lead to further encroachment of citizens' rights. «Any man who sneezes is committed to a hospital. A child who sneezes and has a runny nose will end up in hospital. The property belonging to those persons, mobile phones, clothes, cars, will be confiscated, and they'll be committed against their will,» said one protester. «These measures pave the path to the measures that Hitler and the fascists took, in regard to the persons that they would load up in railway cars for cattle, as part of the plan to exterminate them in concentration camps. That's how it begins,» added another. The bill is set to be debated further in parliament on Monday, July 14. Romania's coronavirus infections set a daily record Saturday, adding 698 to its 32,535 total cases.

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