Romania: EU needs reform on migrant labour — Macron in Bucharest

The French President Emmanuel Macron held a press conference on Thursday, in Cotroceni Palace's Mirrors' Room in the Romanian capital of Bucharest, after meeting with the Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on an official state visit. Macron told the audience that “the Schengen space is functioning poorly,» adding that Romania would be able to join the bloc once reforms had taken root. The French... Еще leader cited discontent from British voters over Schengen’s freedom of movement as a leading cause of Brexit. Macron added “have you heard about the British middle class? They said «I don't want to see people coming from Eastern Europe, taking my job and working for less pay.» — That's what they said. We need to look them in the eyes, too.» On the topic of a possible ‘Frexit’, the French President asserted that «Some have tried this method and now they've found themselves in a heap of trouble. One who uses blackmail and to say that if I don't get what I want, then I'm going to leave, eventually ends up leaving and is even less happy than before.” The French Presidential couple met with their Romanian counterparts and were toured the Romanian Village Museum in Bucharest. A state reception will conclude the French president's visit.
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