Robot instructor takes the wheel at Zhuzhou driving school

Shidai driving school in Zhuzhou showcased on Tuesday, their unique way of teaching learner students with a robot instructor, which is also known as the RoboCoach system. The system monitors the location of learner drivers and provides guidance using voice broadcasting and gives demonstrations on screen. Moreover, the robot instructor features 20 hazard detectors which can stop the car in case of... Еще an impending obstacle. It has been in use since March 2018. «I think it is safe. First of all, if I didn't fasten the seat belt, I couldn't event start the car. If the speed is too fast, the robot instructor will brake or even stop the car. If there is the barrier around the car, it will stop the car as well. It makes me feel like the human instructor is in the passenger seat,» said Long Tao, a learner driver. «As the driving school, we would like to bring in more robot instructors and turn Subject 2 in driving test in the school into full-robot-instructing in one or two years,» added Chen Haibo, Executive Principal of Zhuzhou Shidai Driving School.

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