Robot Einstein challenges IBC 2017 audience to 'brain games' in Amsterdam

The Founder of Hanson Robotics Dr. David Hanson presented next-level AI robots that have an uncanny similarity with humans at the 2017 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), in Amsterdam on Saturday. Hanson presented two robots, named 'Sophia' and 'Professor Einstein', the latter baring a resemblance to the famous theoretical physicist. Addressing the audience 'Einstein' explained «I... Еще connect to the Cloud and interact dynamically with an iPad or an Android tablet to challenge you with brain games, talk you through scientific concepts like special relativity, gravity, etc.» «The way that I see it, AI needs to be raised like a baby. You can't force it to follow rules the way that [Isaac] Asimov's law require. Because any time that you have a true and intelligent being, if we achieve true artificial general intelligence, it will be inherently surprising, because intelligence is surprising,» noted the doctor. Speaking on Sophia, Hanson said she was «sort of an infant when it comes to both her intelligence and her ethics. We're wiring her to value life, creativity, human life especially.»
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