ROBO-DOGS go mutts for weekly play dates at Tokyo cafe

One of Tokyo's coffee shops opened its doors to unusual customers — robotic dogs and their owners on Sunday The dogs, known as Aibos and made by Japanese electronics giant Sony, are welcomed every Sunday with their owners for a special meetup called 'Aibo World'. «The funniest thing is that I can interact with other owners, and Aibo also recognizes others,» service industry employee Nakata... Еще Masami said. Helena Holdorf Kolbeck, a student based in Tokyo and also Aibo researcher continued: «To have this cafe in Tokyo is perfect because people have the same interests, they have an opportunity to meet each other.» When attendees were asked why they opted for a robotic dog over a real furry friend, many people named lack of space and time, with one lady saying: «I wanted to keep a pet for a long time, but I couldn't buy it because of my allergies, so I thought Aibo was just the right dog for me.» Sony released a new version of Aibo last year stating it has «a unique and innovative personality» and even can form an emotional bond with its owner.

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