«Resident Evi»l house in Belarus sparks fear among neighbours!

A house in Belarusian town of Ratomka doesn't exactly fall into the category of a usual suburban property: With skeletal hands sticking out of the fence and devil figurines on the roof, the building could be mistaken for an entrance to the Greek underworld. Ruptly talked to the people who live in the vicinity of the house on Thursday. «The society brought up this way that a skull means... Еще something dangerous,» says one of the neighbours, Eduard Chuzhinov. «Devil means evil, we were brought up this way since childhood. Am I going to live with devilry?» he adds. The house belongs to a Vitebsk-based businessman who at first reportedly planned to build a home for his family, but after divorcing his wife, started decorating the property with spooky elements. The owner himself does not live there.

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