Qatar: Doha praises Russian support in settling Gulf crisis

HL: Qatar: Doha praises Russian support in settling Gulf crisis Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said the country «welcomes Russia's efforts and its position,» when referring to the Qatari diplomatic crisis at a press conference in Doha. He was speaking after a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday. «The goal is to lift this unjust and... Еще illegal embargo on Qatar and to find a solution to this crisis that guarantees the peace and security of Qatar and all countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council. Qatar welcomes any efforts to support this process and Emir Kuweit's intermediation,» Al Thani said. «Qatar is sticking to its position that the only way out of this crisis is through negotiations, in order to reach a resolution with collective obligations for all countries,» he added. The two foreign ministers discussed regional issues, including the situation in Libya and Palestine with both sides agreeing to cooperate to restore stability in the region. «Both, Qatar and Russia assign particular importance to the restoration of Palestinian unity. It’s not normal what’s happening between Ramallah and Gaza. We proceed from the assumption that Palestinians should return to the fulfilment of treaty obligations that have been achieved earlier and designed to restore unity as part of the Free Palestine initiative and Arab Peace Initiative,» Lavrov said. Speaking about the recent statement made by Israeli PM Netanyahu about a possible threat coming from Iran as well as Israel's concern regarding the missile factories Iran is building on Lebanese and Syrian soil, Lavrov stated that he has no information on the matter.


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