Putin: society should filter media content through own ethics

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (Russian): «Xi Jinping is the head of the biggest orchestra in the world.» participant (Russian): «Well, by territory.» Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (Russian): «By territory — yes.» Russian President Vladimir Putin said the creative community should build a system of moral and ethical principles in order to filter media content, so that the state... Еще's influence on the matter can be minimised, when speaking at the 2017 Tavrida International Educational Youth Forum, in Bakalskaya Kosa, Crimea on Sunday. «If the community itself develops a system of moral and ethical filters, that would be right», Putin said in response to a query about whether it would be possible to filter content that is particularly violent or related to crime. He explained that through this self-regulating process, the state's influence could then be minimised. Russian leader told his listeners that in today's world, it is difficult to «filter the flow» of information, adding that there are fears that such censorship could deprive society of «the opportunity to obtain reliable, open and direct information.»

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