Putin: N. Korea crisis knot should be unravelled, not cut off

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia «certainly condemn the nuclear tests conducted by the DPRK,» speaking at the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi, Thursday. Putin said that Russia fully complies with «all the decisions concerning North Korea adopted within the framework of the UN Security Council.» He noted that «any contradictions need to be resolved in a civilized manner.» The... Еще Russian President noted that «even the tightest knots, like Syrian, Libyan, Korean or, let's say, Ukrainian crises, should be unravelled, not cut off.» Commenting on the Catalan referendum, the Russian leader expressed doubt that anyone «could have expected that a long-lasting discussion on the status of Catalonia would lead to such an acute political crisis.» Putin went on to say that «everything happening in Spain is a purely internal issue» which should be solved «under Spanish law» and «in accordance with democratic traditions.» The Russian President added that «Russia and the US are having special responsibility to the whole world as two largest nuclear powers, referring to Russia-US cooperation in nuclear area.
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