Purrfectly-preserved ANCIENT cave lion cub unveiled in Yakutsk

The body of an ancient lion cub that was frozen for thousands of years was revealed in Yakutsk on Thursday. Scientists from the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha, Yakutia presented the body to a group of journalists. The animal reportedly died over 14,000 years ago, at the age of just two or three months. The Academy's head of Mammoth Research Department, Albert Protopopove described... Еще the cub's condition as 'very good', adding that even 'the hairline is fully preserved' thanks to permafrost. Researchers are planning to name the finding as Boris, in honour of the local Boris Brezhnev who found body near the Indigirka river creek in the Abyiskiy District. Now scientists are assembling a research team to study the discovery. This isn't the first finding of its kind, since two cubs — Uyan and Dina — were previously found in the Republic of Sakha in 2015. Scientists say that the baby lions cannot be from the same family, as their age and the place of discovery are different. Cave lions (Panthera spelaea) inhabited Earth during the middle and late Pleistocene Epoch. They were found across the entire Eurasian continent from the British Islands to Chukotka, and also in Alaska and northwest Canada territories.

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