Pull the other one! This Spanish tradition will give you goosebumps

M/S Goose on ropeW/S Goose on ropeW/S Rider grabbing gooseM/S Man on ladderM/S People attaching goose to ropeM/S Goose on ropeW/S Riders grabbing gooseW/S Riders grabbing gooseW/S Rider grabbing gooseW/S SpectatorsW/S Riders entering arena, drummers in frontW/S Riders entering arenaM/S Horses walkingM/S Riders under flagsM/S RidersM/S SpectatorsW/S Riders galloping through arenaW/S Riders... Еще galloping through arenaW/S Riders galloping through arenaW/S Riders galloping through arenaSOT, rider (Spanish): «It makes me a little bit nervous but, well, it's very hard for us the women. It's quite complicated, but we try."M/S SpectatorsSOT, rider (Spanish): «It's like going on stage, like a football player could feel. Maybe not that much, but that's how I feel it.M/S Riders grabbing gooseSOT, rider (Spanish): «It's true that there are people in town who like it, others don't like this part that much. There are other parts such as the races.» M/S SpectatorsW/S RidersM/S RidersSCRIPTThe Village of El Carpio de Tajo celebrated Spain’s patron saint Santiago on Monday, July 25 by partaking in a ‘goose pulling’ performance. In the festivities, which date back over 400 years, geese are hanged by their feet from a thick rope stretched across the town’s square as mounted riders attempt to yank the birds’ head off as they ride by. The celebration is held in honour of the legendary appearance of Santiago at the Battle of Navas de Tolosa in 1212, sparking a Christian victory over the Moors. The geese represent the Moors, who ruled much of Spain for more than 700 years.

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