Puigdemont: The EU is a caricature of what Europe is

Deposed Catalan President Carles Puigdemont expressed his dissatisfaction with the attitude of the European Union towards the Catalan crisis, during an interview in Brussels on Friday. Puigdemont decried the EU as a “caricature of what Europe is and of what we want Europe to be», before adding that there is «no will to help solve the politics of the conflict.» The former Catalan leader also... Еще said that the states which lead the EU “are probably not the most appropriate» since they have “confused the EU with the union of their political and economic interests.» The EU has taken a step back from the Catalan crisis on the grounds that it is an internal matter within Spain. The Spanish government applied Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution in order to take autonomy of the region of Catalonia, and subsequently have jailed several prominent Catalan leaders.


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