Prepare your pets for battle with tailor-made samurai armour for cats and dogs

The «Samurai Age» company from Fukuoka, southern Japan, displayed its range of samurai armour for cats and dogs, on Wednesday. Already known for its hand-made miniature armour for dolls and sake bottles, the company took up the challenge to produce armour for living, breathing pets. «I have many cats at home», said 'Samurai Age' CEO Eiji Kimura, «So I thought about the material [for samurai... Еще armour] and how wearable it would be for cats, given its weight. Then I tried to make the real one, and it turned out unexpectedly well. Later I won a prize for it in the souvenir contest.» Each set is made individually from a light foam resin and polyurethane so it won’t be too heavy for the animals. The basic pet armour, which comes in four different colours, is priced between YEN 14,040 (USD 128) for the smallest red armour size to YEN 16,416 (USD 150) for the largest gold armour set.
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