Portugal: 'We are very close to an agreement' — Eurogroup pres. on COVID response deal

The Eurogroup President Mario Centeno stated that EU finance ministers were “very close to an agreement” over a financial rescue package for EU countries to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus outbreak. He made the remarks in Lisbon on Thursday. “I'm calling all finance ministers to agree to a bold and ambitious plan to shield our economies in response to this common threat. A safety net for... Еще Europe to protect our workers, our businesses and our nations’ finances. A plan that gives us hope to overcome this crisis as we dip into recession,” said Centeno. “We are in this together, all in lockdown, with casualties rising by the hour and no end in sight. Every day we are reminded that this virus is blind, blind to our flags, to gender, to colour or social class. There are no first class passengers, we either sink or swim together. This is a true emergency, this is global,” he stated before adding: “the good news is that we are very close to an agreement. I trust — I still trust — that this time we will all rise to the occasion.” EU finance minister have been holding talks for the past few days to try to find a common response to the economic crisis unleashed by the outbreak, although an agreement is yet to be reached in order to help highly indebted countries like Italy and Spain. Mandatory Credit: EBS

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