Portugal: Jacob Appelbaum talks 'political exile' and quantum computers

US computer security activist and journalist Jacob Appelbaum spoke about his «political exile» in Europe and the surveillance he says he is under, as well as the consequences that quantum computers will have on encrypted data during a conference at LEFFEST'19 film festival in Sintra on Saturday. Appelbaum explained how he left the United States in 2013 for a business trip, during which the... Еще Snowden leaks began. «because of this, I received not only legal advice but my own gut feeling and some sources in the intelligence community let me know now is not a good time to return to America,» Appelbaum said, adding «it was essentially the beginning of what I would consider to be political exile.» The internet activist also said he is under surveillance and talked about the impact it has on his mental health. «I still see actually several [therapists], you know, on a regular basis to talk about it. What's going on, how this affects my emotional state, how I have trouble focusing, how I have trouble sleeping, how when I hear creaks on the floor, like I wonder if this is the moment we're finally going to get raided.» Appelbaum later touched on quantum computers, and explained that when that tool will be available, «all of the cryptography that is deployed today will be broken.» Appelbaum was involved in the journalistic investigations of Wikileaks, the Snowden revelations and the cell phone monitoring of German Chancellor Angela Merkel by the US. Mandatory credit: Leffest'19 mandatory credit to Leffest’19

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