Popular Japanese chain introduces shaved ICE RAMEN to beat the summer heat

One of Japans most polar ramen chain's, Bankara, has introduced a novel and perhaps «first» combination of shaved ice and the worldwide favourite noodle soup to stay cool this summer. «I don't think anyone has the idea of combining shaved ice with ramen. We came up to this idea and perhaps this is the first time in Japan, and I think, it's the first time in the world. Why did we mix ramen and shaved ice? Because it's funny, it's fun to eat. That's what makes people happy,» said Issei Yachida, shop manager of Bankara. «It is basically the same as how to make ramen. You boil the ramen first with hot water, and then soak the noodles in ice water and chill them. Shaved ice itself is a dessert that has been in Japan for a long time, so we thought like if we could make that dessert with the soup of miso ramen and sprinkle it on top,» the shop owner added. Issei Yachida said the idea came up with the idea in the beginning of the year, and the chain was able to launch the product on June 15.

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