Poor parking skills? This smart car park may have the perfect solution!

Beijing unveiled a huge robotic car park, May 25, where self-charging platforms park your precious vehicle for you, in the most spatially effective way possible. Gone are the days when poorly-parked cars took up too much space in already overcrowded car parks, or your reverse parking skills left a lot to be desired. These clever platforms are able to move cars and park them closely next to one... Еще another to save as much space as possible. The car park is reportedly also cost effective, as it saves electricity by using smart lights that are triggered by movement. The robotic platforms are autonomous, meaning they charge at night by connecting to a magnetic charger. For just 30 minutes of charge, the platforms can run for 4 hours. If you are not willing to leave your car at the mercy of a robotic platform and would prefer to self-park, the parking lot has other smart options available. If you can't remember exactly where you parked your car, screens are provided which allow you to search the location of your vehicle using the number plate. Manager of the Beijing Ganglion Parking Management company who produce the platforms said the invention is helpful for those drivers with «little experience.» Ganglion in particular seemed to refer to female drivers, saying it could be especially useful to «ladies who aren't confident with their driving skills.»
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