'Poor Jew' ice cream in poor taste? Russian shop sells ICEraeli cone

SOT, Boy, Krasnoyarsk local resident (Russian): «I have no idea. Because it was created for poor people maybe.» An ice cream shop in the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk introduced a new variety into its freezers on Thursday. The 'Poor Jew', an ice cream cone with the Star of David on its wrapper, that has left the locals with mixed feelings. The ice cream has a white and blue wrapper, similar... Еще to the flag of Israel, as well as the Star of David alongside the name 'Poor Jew.' Some customers who tasted the chocolate and prune-flavoured ice cream were cynical when it came to the branding. «I think they gave such name in order to hype and increase the sale,» said a local resident, who found the ice cream 'delicious.' According to a local woman «there is a cake called 'Poor Jew' with the same ingredients,» so the ice cream was named «in connection with it.» She found it «unacceptable» the Star of David on the wrapper because «it offends the feelings of the Jews because the religious symbol is right on the ice cream.» Reportedly, the local prosecution office in Naberezhnye Chelny, where the ice cream can be bought, has launched an investigation to check whether this insults believers. It's also said that the ice cream factory has produced another ice cream named 'Obamka' based on former US president Barack Obama. The manufacturer was strongly criticised for inciting racism. Other oddly named ice creams being sold include 'Amerikanets', a Russian word for a person living in the USA, and 'Khokhol', an offensive slur towards Ukrainians.

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