Poland: Wroclaw residents react to 'ban on entry to Jews' hostel banner

SOT, Local (Polish): «I think so, too. We live in the 21st century.» SOT, Local (Polish): «These are racist, xenophobic words. It's a scandal.» SOT, Local (Polish): «It doesn't work for us. In the past, Poles were also victims of persecutions during the war, and we also drew some conclusions from the past.» SOT, Local (Polish): «He should face the consequences.» SOT, Reporter (Polish... Еще): «And we are not normal?» SOT, Local (Polish): «I think that is so.» SOT, Local (Polish): «Poles also emigrate. We also do not want to be rejected in other countries.» SOT, Reporter (Polish): «Do you think Poland should be for the Poles? SOT, Local (Polish): «[Poland for all] besides Muslims. I don't want them here. Even though I do not support Kaczynski, and I don't like him, but what he does against Muslims is so.» SOT, Reporter (Polish): «And what about other nationalities?» SOT, Local (Polish): «I don't mind [about other nationalities]. But I have slight claims, because there are too many Ukrainians in Poland in my opinion. But they are integrating with us at least a little.» Wroclaw locals shared their opinions, Sunday, about a banner carrying a hateful message that appeared recently on the gates of a hostel in the nearby village of Cesarzowice. The banner, seen on social media, read as follows: “Polish House — ban on entry to Jews, communists and all thieves and traitors of Poland.” It has since been removed by police. «These are racist, xenophobic words. It's a scandal,» said one woman in Wroclaw. «He should face the consequences,» said another woman of the hostel's owner. Another resident expressed disbelief at the banner. «But if it already has a place, we should punish such actions. It should be an effective punishment,» he stated. Another man commented: «in a normal country such things do not take place [...] I think we live in an abnormal country.» Media reports state that the hostel, 'Dom Polski,' is owned by a leader of the extremist National Radical Camp, Piotr Rybak. On November 11, 2015, Poland’s Independence Day, the National Radical Camp held a march in Wroclaw that featured racist banners and the burning of an effigy of an Orthodox Jew at the hands of Rybak. Following numerous appeals, Rybak was sentenced to jail for inciting hatred during the rally. His sentence was reduced to three months partial house arrest, but later reverted to a jail-term after he violated the terms of his detention by taking part in a nationalist march.

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