Poland: Women protest new abortion laws outside parliament

A few thousand people gathered in front of Polish parliament in Warsaw on Friday to oppose a law that would further restrict abortion rights in Poland. The protesters carried wire hangers to symbolize the dangers facing women driven to obtain illegal abortions by Poland’s already stringent laws. Similar protests were held in dozen other Polish cities. The abortion rights activists were... Еще speaking out against a decision by the Polish bishops’ conference to support a bill that would ban abortion in cases where the fetus had a congenital disorder or deformity. According to the new law, Polish doctors will stop prenatal diagnosis to inform the expecting mother of the health status of the fetus. The abortion law in Poland is already among the most restrictive in Europe. Abortion is only permitted in cases of rape or incest, when the fetus is diagnosed with a severe or fatal anomaly or when the woman’s life or health is in danger. This last case is the most common in Poland and will be forbidden with the new law.

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