Poland: Warsaw stands against judicial overhaul with candle-lit vigil

Hundreds of people held a candle-lit vigil in Warsaw, Sunday, against Polish President Andrzej Duda's proposals for overhauling Poland's judiciary system. The protest action was reportedly organised by the anti-government Committee for the Defence of Democracy (KOD). Professor at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Warsaw University, Marcin Matczak, explained the consequences of the... Еще reforms as giving Poland's MPs «unlimited power.» He went on to note that «there is no freedom without the rule of law. If there are no free courts, if there are no free, independent reviewers of authority, our freedom will also be put at risk, because one who gains unlimited power, will be able to do everything.» In July, the upper house of the Polish parliament approved a bill which will empower parliament and the justice minister to appoint judges to the Supreme Court. Duda vetoed two out of three bills that would transfer the power of Supreme Court appointments to the parliament. Last week, Duda unveiled his proposals to amending the country's judiciary system, which would see a greater political control over the courts exercised by the president and the parliament instead of the justice minister. The overhaul of the judiciary has spurred a number of protests across Poland, with the European Union has issuing warnings that judicial independence is at risk.

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