Poland: Walesa calls for 'new solidarity' at rally on 37th Gdansk Agreement anniversary

Former Polish President Lech Walesa took part in the 'Solidarity Power' ceremony in Gdansk, Thursday, on the 37th anniversary of the Strikes of 1980 and the Gdansk Agreement. «Poland is developing badly. Polish victory is destroyed. We cannot let that happen,» said Walesa, on stage in front of hundreds. «I was deceived. I was disappointed because I thought that as a nation we would get... Еще democracy and everything will go well. It turned out not quite that way. We were not prepared,» he added. Further criticising the political climate in Poland, Walesa urged the crowd, «You have to correct what is going wrong. Because future generations will not forgive you. They will say that, such a victory has been destroyed. That those crazy people [politicians] out there rule us.» On August 14 1980, workers along the Baltic went on strike for 17 days, submitting 21 demands to the government. On August 31, an accord was signed, effectively giving birth to Poland's Solidarity labour movement.

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