Poland: Survivors commemorate 75th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation

A commemoration ceremony took place at the site of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp on Monday, to mark the 75th anniversary of the camp’s liberation by Soviet forces during World War II. The Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration saw a delegation of 120 Auschwitz and Holocaust survivors from the US, Canada, Israel, and other nations, take part in a remembrance ceremony. Polish President Andrzej... Еще Duda gave an address, saying, «we pay tribute to all the six million Jews murdered in this and the other camps, in the ghettos and the places of martyrdom and torture, in the streets of cities and small towns.» Former Auschwitz inmate Bat-Sheva Dagan also addressed the audience, saying: «I hope that you will make sure, you will bear this responsibility so that this terrible thing will never happen again.» Soviet forces liberated Auschwitz on January 27, 1945. Some 1.1 million people were murdered by the Nazi German forces at the site, the vast majority of them Jews. Poles, Roma and Soviet prisoners of war were among the other victims of the camp. The materials may not be archived and/or used past five years after the commemoration.News and current affairs programs uses only. Mandatory Credit: TVP

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