Poland: Stuck in the mud! US Army convoy grinds to a halt in roadside ditch

*DRONE FOOTAGE* The United States Army found itself in a spot of bother on a road near the western Polish town of Lubin on Saturday morning, when a small convoy got stuck in the mud. Drone footage from the accident site shows two US Army Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Trucks being towed to safety by a local recovery vehicle. It has been reported that one of the trucks careered into a... Еще ditch after experiencing a brake failure. The other truck tried to tow its partner out of the ditch. The result was even further calamity as the tow vehicle only succeeded in flipping itself into the opposite ditch. In the end, the unfortunate unit of soldiers had to call on the help of Truck Serwis, a local recovery vehicle company. The US Army in Europe has declined to comment on the incident.

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