Poland: Saakashvili threatens to 'break necks' of Ukrainian oligarchs

SOT, Mikheil Saakashvili, Former Georgian President and Governor of Odessa (English): «No. Not yet. And look, the way how it happened was the following. President Poroshenko decided that I'm his most dangerous opponent, otherwise it's hard to explain the set of measures he applied against me. First, more than a year ago they registered our party under another person's name, and we had a hard time... Еще, a juridical battle, we are still in that battle to get full registration of our party back from those people. Second they deprived me of my nationality in violation of international law, because international law forbids expressly, and Ukraine law the same, to deprive a person of nationality that doesn't have any other nationality. I didn't have any other nationality so depriving me of nationality was [a] clear violation of international law. But as a permanent resident of Ukraine and because I don't have residency anywhere else, I went back and it was perfectly legal for permanent residents of Ukraine to go back. They enacted all kinds of obstacles against me.» Former Georgian President and Governor of Odessa Mikheil Saakashvili vowed to «break the necks» of Ukrainian officials during a press conference in Warsaw on Tuesday, one day after he was detained and deported from the country. Saying he had almost been strangled during his detainment, Saakashvili stated that «together with Ukrainian people we will break the necks of Ukrainian oligarchs. I can promise that.» Among the officials he referred to were Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko «and his gang,» Ukrainian businessman Rinat Akhmetov and Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko. Saakashvili described being stripped of a Ukrainian passport as a «clear violation of international law» and he said he was legally entitled to be in Ukraine. «I’ll find a way to get back,» Saakashvili continued, before urging action against a «corrupt elite that is plundering and killing» and warning against a «Balkanisation of Ukraine.» Saakashvili announced he would have «very informal» meetings with Polish officials in the afternoon, citing the Minister of Interior as a possible interlocutor. The leader of the 'Movement of New Forces' is regarded as stateless after he giving up his Georgian citizenship to become a Ukrainian citizen. He was later stripped of his Ukrainian passport after falling out with Poroshenko.


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