Poland: Pro-LGBT 'Equality March' met with counter-protesters in Krakow

Pro-LGBT rallied for an 'Equality March' in Krakow on Saturday, as they were met by counter-protesters. Pro- LGBT protesters were seen marching and dancing, while holding signs reading: «Bi stands for beautiful,» «God is love» and «Queer and proud.» Counter-protesters were heard chanting, while police kept them separate from the pro-LGBT rally. A pro-LGBT protester talked to the crowd about the importance of receiving proper sexual education. «We know very well that we care about the protection of our children because we do not want them to experience what we did. We do not want the next generation of Poles to suffer because of their gender identity, or sexual identity. That because of that they would be persecuted, harmed, that they would be exposed to sexual violence without receiving appropriate sexual education, that they would be treated as a plague, as a disease, or as sin.»

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