Poland: Police tear gas protesters against Supreme Court reform in Warsaw

Police used tear gas against protesters in Warsaw on Thursday, during scuffles at a demonstration outside the Presidential Palace against constitution changes aimed at making it easier for the ruling party to name the next chief of the Supreme Court. As seen on footage, dozens of protesters were in need of medical attention because of the tear gas. According to reports, several protesters were... Еще arrested during the scuffles. «The police was pushing everyone very aggressively and created a cordon. They pushed us away. Suddenly I realised that they used tear gas. I didn’t see anything after that,» said Natalia Graniewska, a protester. The Law and Justice (PiS) party say an overhaul is needed in order to break with Poland's communist past. Critics believe the reform threatens judicial independence and undermines democracy. A total of 22 Supreme Court judges were forced into early retirement this month, but Chief Judge Malgorzata Gersdorf has refused to go, saying her constitutional term expires in 2020. She has since become the symbol of resistance.

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