Poland: Poles hold march on 73rd anniversary of Warsaw Uprising

Thousands of Poles took to the streets of Warsaw, on Tuesday, to honour the 73rd anniversary of the 'Warsaw Uprising'. At 17:00 local time (15:00 GMT), sirens sounded across the city for two minutes, marking the hour that the fighting broke out on August 1, 1944; as the sirens sounded, some of the attendees held up lit flares. They then marched through the streets, waving Polish flags and... Еще banners emblazoned with the anchor, a symbol of the Polish Second World War resistance movement 'Armia Krajowa' (Home Army). Meanwhile some of the march participants shouted slogans such as «National pride» and «One German, one bullet». In the summer of 1944, under occupation by Nazi Germany, thousands of Warsaw residents rose up against the occupying power. The revolt, which lasted for 63 days, is estimated to have claimed the lives of 200,000 people, most of whom were civilians.

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