Poland: Monument to Red Army demolished in Szczecin

The demolition of a memorial of gratitude to the Soviet Army in the centre of Szczecin in north-western Poland started on Thursday. Soldier's Square, where monument is located, was cordoned off with work set to last for about a week. Once the monument has been removed, a public area will be created with flower beds and benches. The monument commemorating the Red Army's capture of West... Еще Pomerania province during World War II was first unveiled on 23 April 1950 marking the fifth anniversary of the Red Army’s entry into Szczecin. In July, Polish President Andrzej Duda approved amendments to a law banning the promotion of communism and ordered the removal of Soviet statues, including those commemorating the Red Army, within a year. Moscow said the Polish move violated a 1992-94 agreement in which Poland had promised to protect such monuments.

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