Poland: Merkel laments lack of success in Minsk Agreement implementation

German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed the conflict in Ukraine, Brexit and immigration while speaking to the press alongside Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in Warsaw on Friday. Following her trip to Ukraine on Thursday, Merkel commented on the Ukraine's development and the Minsk Agreement: «On the one hand there are successes on the way towards democratisation of Ukraine and the... Еще crackdown on corruption. On the other hand, there are also unfortunately not the desired success in the implementation of the Minsk Agreement,» Merkel said. Commenting on Brexit, Merkel noted that both parties have «basically the same interests,» and vowed to «make every effort until the very last hour» to reach an agreement with the UK over Brexit. Morawiecki discussed tensions regarding immigration in Poland. Morawiecki stated earlier that Poland was likely to stay out of a UN pact promoting safe migration which Germany supports. The Chancellor is visiting Poland following her trip to Ukraine on November 1, in which she announced that sanctions against Russia would be upheld as Russia had not respected the Minsk Accords signed in 2015.

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