Poland: Macron warns against 'revising' European history in Krakow speech

In a heated speech at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow on Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron urged for the protection of European values against what he said were attempts «to falsify or rewrite history.' «There isn't a European project that we can amputate of some of its values, so to speak. If Europe is simply a market getting larger, it is no longer a political project. If Europe... Еще is a market that can abandon its values and what holds it together then unity is gone. We will then fall again into the deepest possible divisions,» he said with Europe fresh from the UK's departure. Macron also blasted attempts by Russia, Hungary and even Poland itself for what he deemed were instances of attempts for revision of history. «The risk that I see emerging is to allow the resurgence of fantasized national memories. I sometimes notice the attempt by Poland to erase 1989 and that history of freedom, I see the deliberate policy by Hungary aimed at revising the entire history of the 20th century. I see the attempt by Russia to reinterpret the Second World War and guilt-trip the Polish nation. I see the risk of division when it comes to our memories by revisiting or revising our history,» he stated. Macron's remarks came after Moscow criticised the Polish government after the latter adopted a resolution stating the Soviets carried equal responsibility with Nazi Germany for start of WWII. Diplomatic relations between France and Poland have been strained lately notably due to the deteriorated relationship between Brussels and the ruling Law and Justice party over issues such as judicial independence which has drawn criticism from EU members including France. Mandatory credit: Jagiellonian University Mandatory credit: Jagiellonian University


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