Poland: Macron calls for dialogue with Russia on first visit to Warsaw

French President Emmanuel Macron said that an essential condition for making progress in Ukraine is to have a demanding political dialogue with Russia, while speaking alongside his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda on his first visit to Warsaw on Monday. «I absolutely have no naivety whatsoever, but I know that in the interest of Europe's security, of France's and of Poland's security, we must have... Еще a demanding political dialogue with Russia. This dialogue, even if it is difficult, is an essential condition for making progress in Ukraine,» Macron said. He added, «Russia is in Europe, even if it is not a member of the European Union, and that it is in our neighbourhood. Therefore, we have no reason to have a situation in which we do not look at in the face of our relationship with Russia and to let frozen conflicts accumulate and to let misunderstandings continue.» Footage shows the Duda welcoming Macron in an official ceremony at the presidential palace in Warsaw. Macron arrived in Warsaw on Monday for a two-day visit along with French ministers of foreign affairs, defence and finance. During the visit, a strategic deal covering the areas of cybersecurity, climate, energy security and economic cooperation was signed by the French and Polish foreign ministers.

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