Poland: Gdansk armoured vehicle shipment 'not related to Zapad' — US military

1,087 of pieces of equipment from the US Army were offloaded at the port of Gdansk today, Wednesday, as part of NATO's Operation Atlantic Resolve. According to Major General Steven Shapiro the arrival of the 2nd Armoured Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division has been planned for months «is not related to Zapad at all.» The shipment of military equipment contained 81 M1 tanks, 103 Bradley... Еще firing vehicle and 18 Paladin self-propelled Howitzer, as well as armoured jeeps and cargo vehicles. The Commander of the 2nd Armoured Brigade Combat Team Colonel David Gardner said that his soldiers will spend the next nine months in Europe, training in 5 different European countries. He added, «of course we are prepared to do other missions as are desired with US Army Europe.» The United States has deployed thousands of soldiers and heavy artillery to Poland, the Baltic States and south-eastern Europe, a move which has been condemned by Russia as a hostile approach on its borders.

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