Poland: Far-right nationalist march met with counter protest in Katowice

Far-right nationalist demonstrators marched through Katowice on Saturday, as a counter protest was held. Around 120 people joined the 'Katowice as a city of nationalism' march, with a similar number of counter demonstrators rallying nearby. The marchers could be heard chanting the white supremacist slogan, «they will not replace us,» which is linked to the far-right 'Great Replacement' racist conspiracy theory that claims that elites are trying to replace white Europeans with non-European people. Demonstrators also held banners reading 'national purification front,' while many wore clothing wearing the Celtic Cross, a symbol that has been used by a variety of white supremacist groups since World War II. Katowice authorities announced that they will be suing the organisers of Saturday's march for violating the good name of the city by with their 'city of nationalism' slogan. A large police presence could be seen throughout the event, though apart from some insults and offensive slogans, no incidents were reported by the police.

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