Poland: Duda ends reelection campaign with rally in Zamosc

Polish President Andrzej Duda ended his campaign for re-election with a rally in the eastern Polish city of Zamosc, attracting thousands of supporters on Friday. During the rally, Duda spoke of wanting Poland to flourish. «I want there to be a place for everyone in Poland, I want there to be a job for everyone, I want everyone in Poland to be able to realise their ambitions as they please,» Duda told the crowd. He concluded his speech by saying that ideas such as «justice, integrity, dignity, ambition and development will win this election.» The upcoming elections will be a two-way contest between Duda, leader of the Law and Justice party and Rafal Trzaskowski, mayor of Warsaw and leader of Civic Platform. The latest polls have both candidates running neck and neck, within one percent of each other, with Duda leading with 50.31 percent of the votes, followed by Trzaskowski at 49.69 percent according to a Friday poll by Polish broadcast TVP.

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