Poland: Constitutional Court will review «Holocaust Bill» before becoming law — Duda

Polish President Andrzej Duda announced that he would sign the Holocaust-related bill into the law during his official address in Warsaw, Tuesday. He said that the Constitutional Court would review the bill before coming into the law, in order to check «whether it restricts Article 54 about freedom of opinion, and first of all freedom of speech. To check if it is restricted in an unjustified... Еще manner, that is first. And then to check if it complies with principles of democracy and social justice.» During his speech, Duda stressed that the Polish government «which did not exist at that time — and Polish institutions did not take part in the German industry of destruction.» «No such situation happened in Poland. Poland struggled against Germany,» underlined Duda. The bill, which has also been condemned by the US, was passed by Poland's Senate on Thursday. It sets fines or a maximum of three-year imprisonment for anyone who publicly states that the Polish nation shares responsibility for Third Reich crimes. The US has said the bill is an assault on free speech, and Israel has said it considers the move an attempt to rewrite history. According to Polish President Andrzej Duda, the bill is supposed «to defend the historical truth.» It now requires the president's signature before it becomes law.

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