Poland: Cabinet reshuffle sees Pres Duda make major ministerial changes

Polish President Andrzej Duda swore in several new ministerial personnel at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw on Tuesday, including Foreign Affairs Minister, National Defence Minster, Health Minister, and Environment Minister, during the ceremony. The Ministers, who were previously in the positions, had been highly criticised by the European Union, with Poland's new cabinet possibly representing... Еще a signal to amend poor relations with the EU of late. Duda announced Jacek Czaputowicz, who served as undersecretary in for the same department, as the new Foreign Minister. The most contentious change of position was for Defence Minister, which was given to former Internal Affairs Minister Mariusz Blaszczak. Deputy Parliament Speaker Joachim Brudzinski took over the Internal Affairs ministerial position. The new Finance Minister was announced as Teresa Czerwinska, who is taking over from new Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The Investments and Development position, held by PM Morawiecki, has been given to Jerzy Kwiecinski. President Duda said regarding the changes: «We don't want to be a doctrinal or dogmatic government. We don't want to be a government of extremes: socialism or neoliberalism. We want to be a government that connects the economy with society. It also combines law with justice, because it has been missing for the last three decades and even eight decades.» Poland's cabinet is due to meet with EU representatives on Tuesday regarding recent law reforms that were heavily scrutinised by the European Union.

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