Poland: Auschwitz prisoner's son files suit against Germany over health issues

A lawsuit was filed at Warsaw's District Court on Friday as the son of a former Auschwitz prisoner seeks compensation from the German state for damages caused by pseudo-medical experiments carried out in the WWII concentration camp. The claimant, Adam Kowalewski, says that he was born with cerebral infarction due to medical experiments that were carried out on his father. «We claim, first of... Еще all, compensation totalling of 400,000 Polish zlotys (100,000 euros) and a monthly pension of 3,000 Polish zlotys (750 euros), « said Kowalewski's lawyer Stefan Hambura. This is the first private lawsuit filed against the German state over pseudo-medical experiments carried out in Auschwitz and for the damages related to so-called 'second-generation syndrome.'

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