Poland: Arnold Schwarzenegger calls Trump 'meshugge' on climate agreement

Actor and climate change campaigner Arnold Schwarzenegger said on Monday that the United States «is still in» the Paris Agreement on climate change despite US President Donald Trump's decision to walk out of the accord. Schwarzenegger made his address to delegates at the annual UN climate change conference (COP24) in the Polish city of Katowice. «If you look a little bit beyond Washington you... Еще will see that it is the states and the cities, the local governments, that control seventy percent of our emissions», said the actor and former Governor of California, adding «you will see all the extraordinary work that is going on at the state and city level in America.» The star decried Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris accord, calling the US leader a “meshugge”, the Yiddish word for crazy, before urging the summit to involve local leaders in next year's annual conference. The UN Climate Change Conference will run in Katowice until Friday, December 14.

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