Playmate of the month: Pet bunnies become social media sensation in China

Two pet bunnies broke the internet in China's northernmost province Heilongjiang, where social media users say they look like the Playboy logo. Footage shot on Friday shows owner Tao Si dressing her bunnies up and applying makeup. «A while ago I filmed a video when I cut Daxiong's hair. The video went viral and it got over 4 million views. Social media users said Daxiong looks like Playboy logo... Еще from the side,» Tao said. Since then she has started posting videos of her furry playmates Daxiong and Liuyi every day and has been trending on social media platform Kwai. «Before keeping rabbits, I saw some pet owners putting the videos of their animals on Kwai. Then I bought these two rabbits and started getting them on video every day. Suddenly I saw many reposts.» she said. «Some followers asked: «How cute, how did you dress them up?» Since then, I bought some new clothes for the rabbits. I published many videos and got reposts,» added Tao Si.

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