Pint-sized property: 4x4m Minsk microhouse home to a family of three

A family from Belarus live in a compact house of only 16 square metres (172 square feet) in Minsk, footage from Monday reveals. The owner of the house Viktor Oskirko, his wife and his son were “sick and tired of renting a flat” and built their own small house in the countryside. The house is four by four metres (13ft) and looks like a one-storey wagon from the outside, however, it has at... Еще least three levels inside for living room, kitchen and bedroom. According to Viktor, he spent only $2,000 (€1,620) on the building materials. Despite the perceived lack of space, the family doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Viktor says he, his son and wife can do different things in different parts of house at the same time without interfering with each other.. However, there’s no room for unnecessary things in such a super-compact space and some sacrifices have to be made: there is no space for a bath or even for a separate shower, so the shower is combined with a toilet where one can take a shower only when seated.

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