Pie in the Sky! Hundreds attend annual World Custard Pie battle

SOT, contestant left: «Yes, they like to dress up, to have fun and that what we like to do.» SOT, contestant right: «And my great-great-great-greatchildren are here.» SOT, contestant left: «They are going to watch us and they are going to have fun and everyone is just going to have a very good time.» SOT, contestant right: «And everyone should shout grannies, grannies!» Contestants and... Еще supporters were drawn from far and wide to attend the 51st annual World Custard Pie Championship unfold in the English village of Coxheath in Kent on Saturday. At least 2,000 classic custard pies were cooked up for the fierce battle between more than 30 teams. The rules require extravagantly dolled up players to hurl pies at one another using only their left hand, with the opportunity to gain get extra points if their projectile lands in their opponent's face. The championship is targeted to raise financing for a local village hall.

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