Philippines: US Marine pardoned for killing transgender woman, deported

US Marine Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton, convicted of killing transgender woman in 2014, has been deported to the US, on Sunday, after he has been granted a pardon by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte. Although he was pardoned, he has been banned from ever re-entering the Philippines. A 25-year-old Marine was seen escorted by immigration officers to the airport from a military camp near Manila, where he served the last six years of his sentence. He was seen entering the aircraft wearing a mask and handcuffs. Pemberton was charged with murder on in 2014 for the killing of Jennifer Laude, whose body was found in a hotel bathroom in Olongapo city in October of that year. At the time, Pemberton was stationed in the Philippines for military training exercises. He was found guilty of homicide in 2015. ©Philippines Bureau of Immigration.

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